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Find-a-djIn order to arrive here you’ve probably Googled various phrases for finding ‘A Cheap DJ’, ‘DJ Prices’, or ‘Reasonably Priced DJ’. If you’ve also called a few DJs you might be familiar with the wide ranging and possibly high prices quoted amongst various entertainers.

I buck that trend and provide excellent cost effective inexpensive DJ entertainment. I can even double as an event photographer and mingle with your guests as they arrive, taking superb photos capturing the action on the dance floor!

Perhaps someone recommended me as a cheap DJ knowing that I’m good at what I do, reliable, and far cheaper than a number of other greedy overpriced DJs, so now you’re here please keep reading!

Cheap DJ or Expensive Mistake?

Remember that a Cheap DJ doesn’t necessarily mean a Good DJ. Therefore it’s important to find the right combination of both! Hiring a cheap DJ who doesn’t come prepared with the right music for your function, or worse still doesn’t turn up at all, will be an expensive mistake! 🙂 What you need to do is Google Search the DJs name, followed by ‘Reviews’, to find out about the performer you are about to hire. Find out what other people say about the cheap DJ you are trusting to make your party rock.
I hear of many people let down by a cheap DJ that they booked, often with minimal contact or notice that their chosen DJ can’t make the event.

I conduct my business in an entirely different way. Regardless of price, once I’ve agreed to DJ for you I don’t let you down. It’s not all about money – it’s about giving a great service, putting everything I can into making your wedding reception or birthday party a huge success.

Cheap DJ with a twist – I’m an inexpensive photographer too!

Cheap-djsWould you like photos to be taken during the evening of guests having fun with the party in fll swing? Or maybe you would like a big group shot with all your favourite friends and family present to maximise on the moment. Well, you don’t have to spend lots on a separate event photographer – because I offer that service while I’m at your party!
If you would like to find out more, and see the standard of my work click here
Cheap DJ and Photographer package

Hire a Cheap DJ with PL Insurance!

Make sure your cheap DJ has Public Liability Insurance and PAT Tested equipment – this is a basic requirement across many venues. What you don’t want to do is book a Cheap DJ and find on the night that he can’t produce the paperwork, and the hall doesn’t allow him to play. That would be disastrous!

Reasonably priced good Party DJs

cheap-party-dj-danceReasonably priced good Party DJs, flexible enough to play exactly what you want, with lighting too, do exist! You just have to make a few phone calls, read a few reviews, and perhaps contact the venue or function room to see who they use – and crucially what they like about them (not just because the venue are receiving a ‘Back Hand’). I had a call from a client wishing to book a DJ who had hired a posh Wedding Venue in Chelmsford. I asked how much the venue had quoted for their own DJ, and was horrified – £450 for their own resident DJ for a Friday night wedding!

Can you play my favourite tunes?

Make sure you tell your Cheap DJ what kind of music you require. Ask if it’s OK to send him (or her) a play list before hand, and that you expect them as part of their service to you, to have those tunes on the night. Send your play list by email and ensure you get a timely response. This forms a receipt that says they will be appearing for you on the night, at your party, for the specified fee, and they understand without question what is required. Find out if your chosen Cheap DJ is ‘On The Ball’ and efficient. Your guests may also want to request music so make sure your reasonably priced DJ is happy to take requests.

A Cheap DJ with experience!

Cheap-DJI have been DJing for a number of years and have vast experience in running my Mobile Disco business. I pass work on to five other experienced DJs who serve the Essex area and beyond. We all have a very good reputation and won’t let you down. We can cater for any event, any age and size of crowd.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a kids birthday, your wedding, or a 90th birthday. The standards are high, the music is right for the occasion, and not played at a deafening level, unless that’s what you are after. That can be catered for too!

Geoff Grove Entertainments

Reasonably priced Mobile Cheap DJ Geoff Grove 01702 200800 click HERE to go to my main website


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